Mobile apps

Android, iOS, Windows Phone

I develop native mobile applications for Android and Windows Phone, as well as cross-platform applications for all three platforms — Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

Desktop apps

Windows, Linux

I'm developing desktop applications for Windows and Linux.

API/Web apps

API development, working with layout

I develop API for mobile, desktop and web applications, server part with ready-made layout.


Desktop Linux application for simulate the growth and evolution of different types of specialized bacterias.


An application that simulates military radar and allows the personnel of the Armed Forces to train on computers instead of real equipment while preserving the quality of training.

Desktop client-chat for social network

Client-chat for social network VKontakte: supports messaging with media attachments, audio recordings, avaliable for working offline, etc.


Development of the project concept of e-reader with several reading modes.

Diary of child growth age 0-3 years

A mobile application for moms and dads with children 0-3 years old. There are various games for children of this age, tips, a tape of development (ie a tape with posts for each age and information that the child can and can not) and so on in the application. It supports multiple children and synchronizes data between different devices. IOS and Android platforms.

Mobile applications and portal for selecting, ordering and buying tickets for all kinds of events in many cities of Russia. The whole logic of the system, two kinds of Android-applications and iOS-application, a site (full and mobile versions), an order system and control of payment for tickets for events has been developed. The project is on the stage of expansion of the functional.

Zhalimov's scale

A mobile application for collecting statistics and displaying the results of processing this statistic with respect to the frequency of conversations and correspondence via SMS with their contacts.


Mobile messenger application, modified the version under iOS: helped to identify subtle bugs in the project, as well as implement an important part of the application kernel.

Automation of filing applications at the plant of heating equipment

Mobile application for the plant of the heating equipment plant (for workers who approach the tablet in the workshop and leave their applications for certain materials / equipment, as well as report problems).

Housing and public utilities

A mobile application for viewing and paying utility bills, getting help online, entering information about water consumption, electricity, etc.

Rubik's Cube Emulator

Desktop application for Windows to simulate the work of the Rubik's cube 3х3х3. Supports assembly and disassembly of the cube, time tracking, formula collection, keyboard control, different types of cube assemblies and knowledge base (assembly methods, interesting facts, etc).

Prototype of the culinary application

Prototype of a mobile application for Windows Phone to select recipes for dishes based on the products available in your fridge. Also it is possible to add your own recipes and select recipes for other users.

Mobile app prototype for CRM

Prototype of a mobile application for the management system of small businesses,specifically control of transactions, accounts, customer management, projects and much more.

An application for auto downloading albums from an online museum

Desktop application for Windows, designed to bypass protection and download several tens of thousands pictures from the online art works museum.


A mobile application that offers the ability to view and purchase used products from other users, post their ads, filter and search for ads in various categories.

You are famous!

The design of a mobile application for editing photos with the ability to overlay a variety of masks on the faces on the photos with subsequent publication in social networks.

Transfer Elegance

A mobile application for drivers and nurses in Switzerland, which allows you to urgently pick up the nearest driver, place an order, calculate the approximate time and distance of the move and pay online automatically.


Mobile application for Android, iOS, Windows Phone for specialized CRM. The application gives the ability to view discounts, the history of your purchases with the filtering by dates, personal information.The client card is implemented as well.


The application for terminal computers, with the purpose of synchronization of computer data and specialized recorders. There has been developed several features such as an opportunity of automatic copying simultaneously from 28 DVRs, data viewing, change of some settings of the terminal and system, support of users and various levels of user access, synchronization of time and settings with many DVRs.


Mobile application and website for quick and convenient booking of tourist concierge services using Minimum actions, maximum comfort of use and full security of payments. Automatic selection of performers-translators for multiple criteria, rating, user reviews and geolocation, the ability to make several types of orders, pay by card online, view order history, enter promotional codes, multilingual and much more.


The analog of TeamViewer for Android-smartphone. Supports the real-time transfer of images from the phone's screen with a delay of less than one second, remote management of multiple smartphones operator (tapas, swipe, system keys, volume, etc.), working across a WAN (ie, not only on the local network). The delay is less than a second, even if the smartphone is working through the mobile 3G network. Have just realized the automatic download for videos and photos to the computer operator, resistance to failures or outages of the Internet on both sides, automatic reconnection in case of loss and restoration of network video compression for faster delivery of content for the operator and internet traffic saving.

Utility bills service

Internet portal that allows you to quickly receive information about the upcoming work of various city services.There is an opportunity to view related news, complain about any of the services provided on the site, track the progress of the solution of applications submitted by residents for each service. To provide the maximum usability there has been developed such features as viewing the rating for every city service, upcoming work SMS notification subscribtion.


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Coucouvan's design

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Golden Coffee

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